Christmas is coming

So I have blogged again, why? Well mainly because im bored and trying to kill some time before I head into town. Got out of bed at 4:30pm today, mainly because I didn’t go to bed last night. Ate some food today.

—you are boring the people Stephen! They came here for amature philosofical (sp) ramblings, not you telling them about every flipping aspect of your boring day!—-

Shut up.

But then ok so I have to agree with myself there, but im not feeling insightfull currently so you are stuck with my life.

Had a pretty good year at Uni so far, made more friends this semester than I did in the previous two years. Really helped getting into a good small group full of ..well.. diverse people.

-what the heck is a small group? some kind of group where you all indulge in painting minatures?—

Oh right should probably explain that one.

A “small group” is a small group of Christians who meet up on a regular basis during term time at Uni. Usally once a week.

We meet up in someones house and have Bible studies, discussions, crazy tangents where we talk about the bizzarest things (covered Hitler, Stalin, faith healing, praise and the Matrix one night) and general banter. Oh and we also did Christmas dinner see!

Small Group Christmas Dinner

Uni has been completely turned on its head for me this year, so much is different. Before I was living away from home in Belfast, doing a course I hated and generally being rubbish at it and having to ask everyone what I’m meant to be doing.

This year im living at home, which is driving me nuts I WANT MY FREEDOM! after two years of not living at home I just cant cope with having to be quiet after 10:30pm. So if my parents havn’t moved out by next year I know who will.

On the other hand I am now doing a course I love (strictly plantonic you understand) and I’m doing well at it. This year I have become one of the go-to guys when people don’t know how to do stuff.


Don’t make me come up there!

Currently working part time in the wonder that is SPAR-There for you. Doing about 20 hours a week while at Uni, which means I havn’t much time left for much else. Really fallen out of contact with a lot of people this year.

For those of you who are interested here is my routine while at Uni.

Monday- Day-Uni in Belfast

-Evening-Free/Seeing girlfriend Louise

Tuesday-Day- Uni at Jordanstown, Gym

-Evening- Small group usally make it home about 12:00am

Wednesday-Day-Uni at Jtown

-Evening- Working in Spar

Thursday-Day- Uni at Jtown

-Evening- CU (Christian Union)  This day is very long as I am at the campus for about 12-14 hours.

Friday- Day- Uni at Jtown

-Evening- Seeing girlfriend Louise

Saturday- I’m working at some point either an early or late shift.

-Evenings- Seeing Louise, preparing Powerpoint for church, at SYC (its like small group), seeing friends.

Sunday- Day- Church then sitting about the house.

-Evenings- Church/ Youth Fellowship (its like church for just young people)

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