Christmas is over and the Goose is in the bin, people are looking for new ways to get thin.

Well that’s that for this year, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the only true Saviour of the Universe (step aside Flash). Personally I love Christmas, well certain aspects of it that is.
For me Christmas starts at the Church carol service the Sunday before Christmas and the one on Christmas day is always great. Especially with the token run-a-way toddler creating havoc belting around the Church clutching a soft toy and falling over every-time it tries to negotiate corners at speed.(WOW I really need to use sentences better)
I can’t understand why the parents can’t just get up and grab it, that would be much better than them sitting back acting like the kid isn’t theirs and pretending to be engrossed in the order of service.
Sooner or later the child falls once too much, bursts into tears and goes running to mommy. At which point they are rumbled and the whole congregation looks at them, glad not to be them.

Food at Christmas as always is great, this year I enjoyed boxing day dinner a bit more, mainly because I had more than five hours sleep the night before. I love getting hungry at the silly hours of night on Christmas night, being able to sneak down stairs to the kitchen and raid the fridge for a mini Christmas dinner.

Alas now I seem to have expanded slightly over Christmas so I bought myself a crate of oranges so I would feel that I was taking positive steps to healthy eating.

—piff you’re not fooling anyone—

Christmas evening I was at Louise’s for dinner; after first having to help push her car into the garage to get the battery charged as the silly left the inside light on all night, could have happened to anyone, simple mistake to make. —you just wrote that for her benefit, you coward!—

I’m now stuck stuck in the limbo between Christmas and the new year where I know Christmas is over and I should be getting work done, but with another celebration coming up I really can’t get down to it.

I was about to go off on a “its awful how no-one appreciates the true meaning of Christmas any more” but I thought that would be a bit pretentious. Instead ill go off on a rant about Boxing day sales and how stupid they are.

I saw a photograph in a newspaper of a shopper out on Boxing Day who had just bought herself five huge new bags, most of which looked the same. But they were probably a bargain so that makes it OK I guess hmm.
Also a friend of mine working in Next served a woman who spent £300 on children’s clothes just because they were on sale.
I darn well hope they become a family heirloom and are passed down through generations of children and will be the cause of discussion around the fireplace. “…today my son you will receive the family socks, I wore them, my father wore them…”.
But more than likely they will wind up being dumped six months down the line after the mother realises that children get bigger.

maybe she was a first time mum and thought kids didn’t get bigger?— Don’t be an idiot!

Speaking of boxing day sales guess who had to work on Boxing day? Yep me. The worst thing was the shop was completely dead for the four hours we were open and there wasn’t much stocking out to be done either. So I was bored, very bored in fact I have never been so near as to being bored to death before, I feared for my life.
So I spent the majority of the shift drawing on a piece of till roll. I drew a picture , of me, at work, being bored and drawing a picture of me at work being bored. If that makes sense.

Working on Boxing day

You may note I wasn’t wearing my glasses as I had forgotten them, this didn’t help matters as it gave me a headache and put in in a daze (more so than usall). See if you can work out the cigarette brands on the “Wall of Death” behind me. I don’t refer to it as such in front of the customers, I imagine the management would frown on such activity.
I did get a ten quid bonus for working on Boxing Day so that made it that bit better.

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