Pigs, Fire and Cameras

Hmm sounds like a Pink Floyd Album; actually its the basic content of a bizarre dream I had last night. So bizarre in fact I will share it with you, whats also odd is that I remember most of it.

So I’m out for a walk and head to the field up the back of my house which has wheat growing in it and huge bales of straw the size of houses. Getting to the fence that leads into the field I notice a pig pen made from barbed wire.
The pigs are a bit weird though, for a start they are furry and have tusks, so kinda more like boar I guess.

maybe you read this article — Hmm that’s a lot what they looked like.

There’s a big male one which glares at me and a female one and a wee baby one.

Goldilocks anyone?–

Anyway I’m halfway over the fence when the big one runs at the fence and knocks me off the wire. I try getting over another part with the same results.
Abandoning that idea I climb the huge tree that has just appeared beside me, with a view to drop down from an overhanging branch.
The top of the tree has been chopped off leaving a platform which I stand on.

Just then the big pig shouts “oh look fire!”

since when do the pigs talk?— I dunno, its a dream, all made since at the time.

Looking up I see a huge wave of fire coming sweeping down over the hills burning up the wheat.

were you reading this?

I’m now back in the field watching this massive fire roasting up the entire hills. Pulling out my phone I dial 999 to get the fire brigade and am put on hold!

Things are a bit hazy here, next I remember is going up the the field after the fire and everything is gone, including the two big pigs.
The little pig has turned into a weird cluster of skin coloured balloons. I take it home and drop it in a bucket of water (because it was roasting hot) and it emerges as a weird cat-pig hybrid with claws and fur.


Not much else happens apart from my cat trying to eat the pig cat, I think it was around this time I woke up.

In other news I have rekindled my interest in 3D modelling, something I haven’t dabbled in for about three years. My 3D animator friend William has leant me his software and I am working through tutorials. I figure it will be a good extra to have in my portfolio when I go to get a design job. If I create anything nice ill post it on here, the last thing I did was a 3D model of my upper sixth Technology Project.



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