Snow, Exams and NoroVirus

Norovirus Gastroenteritis otherwise known as Winter Vomiting seems to have invaded our country and now my house. My Mother started being sick on Sunday night and since then I have been avoiding her and the downstairs area of our house like the plague. Even going to such extremes as opening doors with a tissue and pulling the light cord in the bathroom high up.

Alas I believe I may have failed, yesterday I had very sore crampy legs all day. Merely I asumed because I was driving to Uni for my exam and back, but now apparently its a symtom of NOROVIRUS!
As i’m typing this I am analysing my symptons with a fasination only exhibited by the very bored. Firstly I found I was burping a lot,

nothing new there!–

Ah but these were nasty acidy burps. Currently my tummy is starting to gurgle, a lot, I have developed a headache and am a bit dizzy and feel like I might be sick sometime very very soon.

Oh….oh thought I was about to go there. Anyhoo I have replaced the bin liner in my bin giving me ample space to throw up in and am clenching my bottom to prevent the other nastier symptom hitting me by surprise.

Since typing that last sentence I feel a lot worse. Well Ill let you know how things pan out, or spray out as the case may well be, I may even take some photos!


So I had my one and only exam on Monday, I find it slightly annoying that the only module with an exam also has the most coursework and the exam counts for 70%

Anyway the exam was easy enough, the HTML part was mostly multiple choice! The rest was fine as long as you knew your stuff although I was forced to rush my last question due to rather stupidly drinking both a coffee and a bottle of coke before the exam. Nearly soiled my good self.


So we had our first decent snow this year, unfortunatly it only stayed for a day so I haven’t got to build another iglo yet. I had to go to Jordanstown campus for a revision class the day it snowed, the roads were clear on the way there.


Wasn’t just so safe on the way back and had a rather interesting moment going down a hill too fast and realising I couldn’t brake without make the car slide, but im still here.


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