Thought I had more time

Time or rather free time for the last few weeks seems to be somewhat lacking even though I don’t really have a lot on. Maybe im just lacking time for blogging. You know the type of time I mean, you don’t have anything else better to be doing, you’ve watched all the interesting shows iPlayer and 4OD have to offer. Now you are bored, so you blog.

That or you suddenly feel really strongly about something or have an idea that you think the world wants to hear.

Not quite sure which one of those made me blog now, actually it’s probably the third option, Procrastination.

Anyway ill let you know whats been going on recently. I’m back at Uni and this semester I am studying:

Imaging-which is Photography and illustration. Currently we are doing a photography project, which is great because we have to take loads of photos,which I enjoy. The downside is they are teaching a lot of theory that I already know although its been like that in other modules. That’ll teach me to go teach myself stuff, darn.

We have to keep a blog with our photos and research on it which is here if you are interested, there are photos on there which wont make it onto Flickr. This is because we are shooting to a brief so some images will fit the brief perfectly but I wont like them.

Interactive Programming- In Visual Basic which is fairly simple and very boring, at least at the minute. Figure I will enjoy it more once I can stop following the infernal tutorials and go do something myself.

2D Multimedia Authoring- In which we are learning how to use Macromedia Director. I originally thought this was a waste of time as, Flash has replaced director. But it seems I was wrong, Adobe will be releasing a new version of Director this year .
Also after playing around with it I have realised just how versatile it is compared to Flash, especially at handling animation and video. Still you wouldn’t really use it for creating a website as the output file sizes are quite large.

—um when did this turn into a geeky software review exactly?—

I make a good point.

Youth Fellowship weekend is coming up this Saturday, so I will bring my mobile broadband and may even blog from there. We are going to Cultra staying at accommodation within the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.

There’s about 30 of us going so should be good, I have some videos that we made up for the table quiz that I shall post on next time.

It’s Valentine’s Day today and so in order to keep my head I made Louise a card. Now that’s not as stingy as it sounds, I put a lot of work into it.
Its rather amusing (well I think it is) so I will post an image up here later. Can’t do it now in case she comes online and reads this.
Yes I was surprised too at a woman knowing how to access the Internet and read a blog, its common knowledge they can barely get dressed in the morning.
But this is the world in which we are now living, the chain now extends into the computer room, sigh.

*…runs and hides….*

That’s a joke btw in case you think I’m a horrible sexist, I’m quite a nice sexist really.

– that was also a joke

Also isn’t the spell checker on WordPress great, except of course for the annoying way it jumps you back to the bottom everytime you correct something. Also it picks up the word “blog” as a spelling mistake and suggests you change it to “bog”.

Bog- online place for typing crap.

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