First Project Finished

Just letting anyone who wants to know that I finished my photography project, well at least for the critique at Uni tomorrow. It isn’t actually marked until May.

Feel free to comment on the photos, there are some I personally don’t like and were only thrown in there to fulfill the brief. Been very busy with Uni and work lately, seems like if I’m not doing something for Uni I’m at work.It’s a bit worrying as I’m only in second year of the course.
Oh well it’ll tighten me.

At the start of the project, one of the lecturers, Richard, said that if anyone put up snapshots of their pets he would “..find out where you live and personally come round and murder you.., seriously though I mean it!”.
So this is for him, I placed a link to it at the bottom of my design blog so if anything I’ll know if they actually go through it all.

Oh and thanks to Harrison for introducing me to Web Album generator all those years ago, its not flashy but it does the job quickly and well.

As promised here are the best videos from the Youth Fellowship weekend. I make no apologies for the dodgy editing.

Lecture “Art”

I seem to have become known as someone who tends to spend the greater part of most lectures either trying to mis-quote the lecturer or doing doodles.

You’ve missed the full opportunities of Microsoft Word!.”;

Why this computer is in 32-bit graphics, I do not know!.”;

We normally live in what we would call “The Time Domain“.”;

That’s not a good angle for me…“;

Oh no, that’s not good enough, I need 10 mega-pixels!.“;

…that isn’t an accurate picture of that person’s brain…“;

OOoH! Bad mouse!, Bad mouse!“;

I’m sorry, the bottom of my trousers are wet!”

There’s always a pen here…UGH! Ugly pen!

I can’t see a thing, OH! wait now I can.

I knew that, just seeing if you lot were awake.

“Lets look up Google, (typing on hmm..well that won’t work, I’ve typed p again haven’t I?”

“…and by lift, I mean steal…”

Those were all semester one, for some reason the lectures just aren’t saying funny things as much but managed to catch this one during a design lecture.

I was involved at the shooting down at the primary school

Here are some doodles.


Boring Visual Basic Lecture featuring badly proportioned lecturer.


It’s FLASH! saviour of the interactive web, he makes SWF sounds as he flys off to slap a preloader in someones face.


Yeah I kinda got a bit carried away with this one.

In other new I finally got around to successfully installing WordPress onto my personal web space, don’t really know what im going to do with it but figure it will be an important ally in the future.

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