Coursework research, think I’ll go watch Star Wars.

Yes I am enjoying my course, spent a large part of this evening watching the Rebels blowing up the Death-Star and yes it did serve a purpose.

The brief for one of our next design projects is to take a scene from a classic (pre 1980s) movie and a scene from a contemporary movie and using the dialogue and audio from the scenes recreate them using typography. Something like this:

Although we have been given a bit more lee-way in that we can use whatever methods of animation we choose to create our own. For my classic movie I aim to recreate the trench run and blowing up of the Death Star from the first Star-wars movie using type to create the scenes and objects. But I intend on doing it in 3D, so I am really going to have my work cut out for me. Hopefully it will look something like this:

Wonder how many YouTube videos I can get in this post
Here is my “technology test” that I mocked up in 30Min’s today. Please excuse the bad lighting and the fact that my “Death Star” trench isn’t actually on the Death Star, its only a camera test.

William can be expecting to hear from me regarding the animation part of this, for obvious reasons.

Now it’s time for something completely different.

This link appeared in my gmail recommend links. Google has officially insulted me.

I’m really not sure whether to be impressed or freaked out by this scary looking object that lets women pee like men.
I mean we gave them the vote, I thought that would be enough, apparently not.
Also I’m rather disturbed by the fact that it looks oddly like one of those sweet scoops you get at pick n mix.

I will never look at Woolworths the same way again.

Well at least now we know why those coconut things were yellow, shudder…!

Oh and as I finished work on my first photography project there will be no more updates to that page, here is the page for my whole design module. The links on the right will bring you to the projects if you are interested.

Firefox 3 Beta

I downloaded and installed the Firefox 3 beta to have a look at it. Main changes that I can see are, different Icons, drop-down address bar gives you more information on visited websites, the download manager has been improved, clicking on the favicon gives you information on the site and like Opera it will save your open tabs.
Nothing particularly exciting, but then it is just a browser.

I leave you with this, it gets amusing about the middle.

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