28 days later (ish)

So it’s been quite a while since I have blogged on here. Probably a combination of things really, procrastination the main reason as usall.

But anyway, it seems the summer has begun to arrive or (“that’s called Spring honey thats what that is, it comes before Summer. What school did you say you went to?”)-the insightfull words of the hair-dresser who may not get a return visit, cheeky blighter.

With summer comes Ice-cream and in the case of working in the Spar this meant the arrival of an Ice-cream machine.
Now you would think it would be easy to “pull a cone” ( bit like pulling a pint I suppose) just position the cone underneath the nozzle and pull the handle, do a (Mr Whippy going to the loo) and you are done.
Regrettfully to say my first Ice-cream customers didn’t look amused at my best efforts, although in my defence the machine ran out of ice-cream as I was finishing so I was unable to go back and try again.
The reason for this was probably that I didn’t know that you could put failled ice-creams back in the top of the machine. I was under the impression that they had to be binned or eaten and I’ll be darned if I’m going to bin ice-cream. Several failled attempts later…


Discovered an interesting little program called “Digsby” which I intend to write a more indepth review of on my design blog.

Basicly it allows you to collate (thanks for that word Harry) all you IM (instant messaging), Social networking and email accounts into the one program. A bit like having msn informing you when you get new emails (I know it alreadly does, but only if you have a hotmail account) informing you when some stranger sends you love on Bebo and allowing you to chat with your online buddies.
It has a nice feature in the IM window that allows you to send whoever you are chatting to an email instead of an IM. Which would be handy for information that you need to keep and dont want to have to copy and paste into a txt file and then lose, such as Adams address in San Fran.

My main gripe with it is that it uses 60-70mb of RAM, which is more than Photoshop! Although thats probably a result of it only being at the beta stage.

New WordPress

I thought WordPress looked a bit different, so I investigated and it turns out that version 2.5 has been released check here for all the changes . Aparently the new WYSIWYG editor no longer “messes with your code” so thats a good thing as I had problems with it on my design blog. Actually as I typed this I am FTPing (that a word?) the new version to my site so i shall see.

Oh and Reggae Reggae sauce is amazing!

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