I’m sitting in the Rec area of the Computing block at Uni, sitting on a low seat and doing my coursework on my laptop. Currently rendering out the deathstar exploding and its going to take a while so I’m killing time.

I was down in the lab, but a combination of over-crowding, over-heating and over-number of questions from my programming group sent me upstairs, to where it is cool and the seats are soft.

With regards to the programming assigment, I kept having having the same conversation with people who came over to look at ours.

“Lets see your VB”


“Ah class, that looks amazing, really nice interface”


“Lets see it running”


“you got the code complete?”

“Well our exit button works, see!”

And that’s about all that works. Today I designed the interface, delegating the making of a banner image and icons to group members.

The module is a bit shambolic, it’s totally pointless and everyone including the Lab helps know it. Which is probably why for a brief time someone put up the code for the whole preoject on the computer hooked up to the data projectors.

A team member then dutyfully headed over and copied the code to her flash drive, code that has since proved to be less than useless. Gah

It’s bad enough to be badly taught programming, much worse when its outdated and uterlly useless to anyone on the course. The point I keep making is that anyone looking for a programmer is going to employee a programmer. They are not going to employee some IMD student who did a few VB tutorials as part of one module in first yeah.

Anyway this has rendered so rant over.

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