New Revolutionary Computing Platform

Today I came across a new revolutionary computing platform, currently codenamed “G Hut”.

Heres a screenshot.

Stephen Reid enjoying his new blogging platform \

Key features of this platform far extend beyond those of current generation platforms, this includes:

  • Superb ultilisation of the ultimate air cooling system, currently being refered to as “atmosphere” with its “summer breeze” booster system.
  • Built in side lights for night-time illumination of the keyboard.
  • Organisational unit for managing key computing needs such as, coffee, pens and notebooks.
  • Adjustable support platform technology, which has the current mysterious codename of “bit of hardboard I found in the shed”
  • Entire unit is supported about 30mm from ground level to help air flow.
  • Five-way light shielding to reduce glare on the units’ screen.
  • Optional door.
  • Two-piece comfort seating option for operator, known as “mums cushions from the living room”

As this system is still at alpha stage there are a few problems that will need to be worked out before it can go into mass production.

  • Splinters, these have been known to cause operator discomfort in the back-end of the system.
  • A few bugs, including “bees”, “wasps”, “woodlice”, “snails” ,”what the heck was that, it was huge!” and the worst being “Oh no it’s in my hair, please, please somebody help me”
  • Currently the entire system needs to be dismantled if the operator needs to carryout a system flush.
  • Due to the open face nature of the system, distractions can be a common occurrence. The main current distractions being, “cats”, “dogs”, “little sisters” and the aptly named “ice-cream truck”.
  • Not 100% moisture proof.

Even with these minor problems (which no doubt will be quickly sorted by the development team) the “G Hut” is a shining example of a innovative system which I can see becoming very popular in the coming months. Although I suspect interest may disappear once winter sets in.

2 thoughts on “New Revolutionary Computing Platform

  1. Yes I believe I can, although today I am staying in my room as I spent most of the time trying to get comfortable and going inside to retrive things I’d forgotten. Could barely move in their once I had all my bits and pieces.

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