Spar Fun

I was so bored at work the other night that I got a pen, a piece of
paper and a box of porridge to lean on and walked around the shop
writing out a list.


After that I went and stocked out the ultimate product.


Pity the blind ones though.

Oh and speaking of which.

Harrison suggested that I use a potato as Calvins best friend, what
should I find at work but an oddly shaped potato that was just asking
for some fancy graphical enhancement.

adorable chap has since been adopted by the hot-food counter cook
Linda,  who hadn’t the heart to peel him and named him Wilson.
this has caused some concern among the staff as she can regularly be
heard talking to Wilson and referring to him as “my only friend”. We
fear it is just a matter of time before he rots or is lost at sea and
when those chips are down, someone will indeed be saying “sorry” to

Do you hate going to the loo at work?  Because I sure do.

cramped, cold, the hot water never works, you occasionally get locked
in by the old trolley under the door handle ploy and the one occasion
when you have irritable bowels this happens.

2 thoughts on “Spar Fun

  1. I have to use a shared bathroom where I live. The lock is broken and the girlfriend opened the door one day to find the gay guy across the hall wiping his arse. In other news, my turd this morning easily surpassed 30cm, and was as wide as a baby’s arm.

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