Crawling Back

Right I am finally bored enough to update this poor neglected blog, guess I better fill you in on my Summer from about July onwards.

To be honest my summer this year was pretty rubbish as far as summers go, I worked every single week and the nearest I got to a Holiday was going to Swansae for two days. I am very much glad to be back at Uni so I can get a break.

We got our house in Belfast sorted on charming Donegal Avenue or as I like to call the neighbourhood “The Murder Zone” oh and Chopper is a Tout as is Jamsie but I digress.

Living with me this year are William Barr who is working as an Animator at a production in Belfast,  Andrew Boyd who is working as a programmer for a software company, Adam Turtle who is going into final year in Interactive Multimedia Design and Lee Kilfedder who studies computer science and works part time for a software company.

So a right house of geeks.

Should be good.

We had a BBQ last night and at the end I poured some out of date milk onto the BBQ to put it out. Gagged on the fumes and fled inside the house to watch the foul steam rise.

Later Lee went into his room to discover the stinky steam had floated in his window.

His room now has the distinctive smell of burnt pungent cheese.

HeHe :p

After getting the house in Belfast I decided to try and get a job in Belfast and live in the house as otherwise it would be a waste of money. Dandered into Jessops in Belfast on the off chance that they had jobs going. I was offered a 30hour contract on the spot as it turned out they were losing nearly half their staff that week. So that worked out alright.
I left Spar and have been in Jessops for the past seven weeks. It took about a week to get re-used to the hecticness (that a word?) of the place.
Now I’m back at Uni and have cut my hours down to six a week on a Wednesday because I want to concentrate on building up a portfolio in my spare time.

I don’t know how much I will enjoy Uni this semester as we have a stupid Visual Basic module again. I really don’t understand why they think it is any use to teach us a ten year old program when they could easily upgrade.

Anyway that’s pretty much my summer, I shall try and keep this blog better updated.

Oh and I’m off coffee, again.

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