Freshers Fayre

So I went along, as usual to the Freshers Fayre at Uni to see what free goodies I could get my hands on.
Heres the spoils of the day.

I managed to get my hands on:

  • Academic dairy.
  • Scribble pad.
  • Two sets of earplugs.
  • Microsoft branded mints.
  • Microsoft branded highlight.
  • Stress ball from MDS Pharma Services.
  • Keyring from the students union.
  • Tea bag from Christain AID.
  • Five headed highlighter.
  • Tin of beans from the Church of Ireland chaplaincy.
  • Tin of beans from some bank.
  • Mini Nutty Crust loaf of bread.
  • Packet of Bikers.
  • Jelly Beans.
  • Energy drink.

Not bad for being free.

In other news the cable for the electric window in my car broke as I was driving home from Uni on Tuesday and the window slid down into the door as I sailed down the motorway at 70MPH.
Had a major headache by the time I got back home with the wind blowing in.
Ripped off the door panel and temporarily fixed the window up with a USB cable until I can get it fixed properly.

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