New Photos Snow

As I’m sure you are aware, the UK had a slight sprinkling of snow over the past weeks and everything ground to a halt. Really everybody just wanted and excuse to skive off work and make snowmen, I know I did.  Alas here in Northern Ireland the snow was not very bad and we only got a couple of days of snow. But I got to run down the street barefoot in the snow so thats me happy for another year.

Anyway here are some photos of the snow we did get.

Some more on my Flickr


2 thoughts on “New Photos Snow

    1. Thanks for the comment. Number 3 is my favourite as well, I shot it in raw and tried to create a semi black and white HDR style image from it. Theres still about 10% colour still left in it. I would agree the Vignette could probably be left off the second one, on the others I like it. You say you are not big on “artificial” vignetting, does that mean you would create it at capture? Or maybe not at all?

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