The Three Year Itch

A few weeks ago I decided to see if this blog was still online (it was), and if I could remember the login details (I couldn’t). Once I had gone to all the trouble of reseting my password and getting logged in I decided I might as well start blogging again.

For a while I was trying to keep a work blog on my business website, but don’t really think I could contribute anything new to what is already out there. As it is I feel like I’ve read most “new” design/development articles before.

This time it’s personal.

I’ll not promise any particular level of quality of choice of topic, but I intend to try and write at least a few articles this time actually worth reading for more than comedic (or so I thought) value.

Probably cover: Life, God, Design, Science, Reading, Running, Cycling, Work and anything else I have more than a passing interest in.

In the meantime I apologise unreservedly for the quality of my old posts but I think I would be doing my three years younger self an injustice by removing them.

Besides, you only know you’ve gotten better if you can see how terrible you were.


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