My Bad Weather Running Gear

As part of this years marathon training I’ve decided to train outside regardless of the weather. The only exception is if it’s dark, because I’ll be instantly run over by a car. The only two things that really matter in cold, wet weather is that your torso and feet remain warm. Some would say just your torso being warm is fine, but I find that if my feet are wet and cold I’m more likely to pick up injuries. Being wet isn’t a problem as if you are wearing enough layers you’ll still be warm. The wet layers act like a wetsuit. I’ve tried running wearing a waterproof raincoat, but it’s not breathable and just end up hot and sweaty. So here’s my current cold and wet kit.


Cheap beanie hat

Not my exact hat, you get the idea.

I got mine free from my father in law who got it from a supplier of veterinary pharmaceuticals. A non pharmaceutical branded one would be fine.


Two Running T-shirts

tshirts I wear a round neck one as a base layer and one with a zip neck above, allowing some adjustable ventilation. My headphones also go between these two layers. I got mine from Decathlon

Fluorescent Running Jacket

45000113_xl Adds another layer of warmth, gives me a couple of pocket to put hat/gloves in if I get warm and stops me from being instantly run over in bad visibility. Got mine from Sports Direct 


eGlove SPORT Touchscreen Gloves

All black touchscreen gloves-500x500   These handy lightweight gloves keep my hands warm, dry out quickly thanks to thin material and allow me to operate my touchscreen phone while running. These were a Christmas present from my Amazon Wishlist.


FlipBelt Carbon

Flip-Belt-Carbon-C-Thru-625x625   When running I’m usually carrying my phone, headphones, keys, jellybeans and energy gels. Usually the gels and keys just went in my pocket and I used a belt clip for my phone, but having things in your pocket is a pain as everything flaps about when running. I’ve also tried an armband for my phone, but it made me look like a tool and made my arm go numb. This handy belt solved all those problems. It’s basically an elasticated tube that goes around your waist and has slits to put things in. I can carry my phone, keys, plastic bag and about 4-6 energy gels in mine. As it grips your waist theres no jiggling up and down. One of my favourite bits of running kit, think I got mine from Amazon.

Plastic Sandwich Bag

Couldn't find a photo without sandwiches. I don't run with sandwiches.
Couldn’t find a photo without sandwiches. I don’t run with sandwiches.

If it looks like its going to rain I always carry a small sandwich bag for my phone. If it starts to rain i put my phone in it, twist the end around the headphone cable and slide it back in my belt. I’ve tried proper waterproof cases but they add too much bulk., plus you can get about a million of these in Asda for £1.


Running Tights

45402303_xl It took me a long time to man up and admit I needed to get a pair of these. For a while I was heading out warm on top and still in shorts. These were a revelation, not only do they keep your legs warm they also help to regulate internal heat and I found my legs actually fatigued less when wearing them. I was initially concerned about them being skintight and revealing, but the cold negates these concerns.


1000 Mile Socks

1000mile-fusion-zoom These dual layered bad-boys both keep your feet toasty and prevent blisters. I don’t wear them all the time and the dual layer makes them a pain to put on but they are great on long runs.

Vivo Barefoot Neo Trails

main-vivobarefoot-neo-trail-lightgreyred_1024x1024 After a couple  of numb-toed runs in my Vibram Fivefingers I realised I had to get running shoes that would keep my feet dry and toasty. These did the job nicely, they are designed for trail running and have a water-proofed upper and insulated liner. Managed to complete a 10mile run in very heavy rain with several puddles and only got my feet mildly wet. While designed more for trail running than roads I got these anyway as some of the roads I run on are quite rough and I’m covered if it snows. These are last season so I got them at a bargain price on eBay.

What do you wear?

I’ve kinda put my various running outfits together by trial and error over a few years, I would be interested to hear a comment from you about what your kit of choice for bad weather is.


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